Artist Statement

In 2018 I began working on clay reliefs to express my frustration with the Kavanaugh hearings. My anger was over his male privilege and the hierarchy that had not change over the past 25 years since Clarence Thomas. Judge Thomas now sits on the bench in spite of some pretty damming testimony by his very believable accuser.

I set to work on the reliefs eagerly, creating 13 pieces in all. They were shown at Ossam gallery in Brooklyn in October 2019. The series seemed to have resonated with gallery goers, their response was encouraging.

After doing the  reliefs I realized I wanted to continue to make art that spoke truth to power. For my next pieces, I decided to focus on women who are making a difference in society. I completed two larger reliefs and one sculpture. 

Emma Gonzalez is a sculpture of her giving her speech and 6 minutes of silenced for her high school friends who were mowed down in that same amount of time. Another piece was to honor Malala Yousafzai who nearly died in order to continue her education and to fight for the education of girls.The last work was to recognize Greta Thunberg for her never ending crusade to wake up the world and take action on climate change.

My focus could have stay the same, there are many influential women standing up to power but in

March we shut down for The COVID virus. I couldn’t get my mind around it for awhile. It will be a time before I do fully understand. It will affect my art making, going forward. 

During these long months of isolation I grieved. I grieved for the people’s who lost their lives and for their families.

The last reliefs in clay are about sorrow and loss. Becoming more aware of the fragility of our lives, my hope is to have the ability to impugn my work with nuances of our emotional states of being. In doing so  giving space for self reflection.