Who am i?

Brooklyn Based Artist

Mixed Media, Currently a focus on ceramic Kavanugh Tiles 

Josephine Bentivegna


  • Queens College: BFA Sculpture
  • Queens College: MFA Sculpture


Recent Shows:

  • (2015) Gowanus Open Studio
  • (2015) BAS Summer Members Pop UP
  • (2010) 440 Gallery; Small Works “Amoeba to Zebra”



  • Marian Karp



  • The Gilded Age by The Newark Museum



  • Phone: 917-202-1924
  • Email: jobentivegna@icloud.com
  • Website: josephinebentivengna.com

“The Kavanaugh Tiles” are a series of reliefs I made, based on the televised hearing for Justice Kavanaughs comfrimation to the Supreme Court. They are my reaction to the behaviors and emotions expressed along with political maneuverings that took place there. I kept wanting the Senators to conduct themsevles in a serious, respectful and fair manner which would be above party particinshipe. They did not. In fact, their behavior was weak and fearful, angry and hateful, malishous and demeaning. Justice Kavanaugh’s demeanor by itself should have disqualified him from being confirmed. His trandrums as well as Senator Lindsey Grahams were shameful. Their self righteous anger showed us all how they expected their white male intitlement to carry them through. While this power privilege was on display, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford quietly and respectfully told her truth.

I must admit I’ve seen this before. Anita Hill 25 years ago felt it was her civic duty to testify against Clarance Thomas at his hearings. She was a very believable witness. She was denigrated by the Senate for her effort. Justice Thomas sits on the Supreme Court to this day.

Why is this still happening? Why is sexism and racism still ingrained in the fabric of our whole society? Why has it not gotten any better in the last 25 years?

What needs to change? How do we begin to change?

I hope that this series of work can open a dialogue to begin to answer these questions.